Dr. Nurit Jugend

A graduate of Stanford University, 

Jugend performs her compositions internationally and lectures at

Stanford Continuing Studies.

Private/ Group Lessons

All Levels & Ages

Extensive experience teaching:

composition/ song writing, theory, ear-training (Solfège), music analysis, music appreciation.

I offer my classes in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View and Redwood City California.


Music Theory Classes

Composition/ Song Writing

Learn how to compose music for a solo instrument, ensemble, orchestra or write a song. (All levels)

Music Theory

Learn the scales, intervals, chords, harmony, tempo, meter, cadences, melody etc. (All levels)

Ear-training (Solfège)

Learn to recognize major from minor scales, recognize the intervals, chords, chord progressions, play rhythm, identify tempo and meter in music etc. (All levels)

Music Analysis

An advanced class to deepen the understanding of a musical piece; chord progression, melodic and thematic development, musical texture, identify

musical form etc. (Advanced)

Music Appreciation

Learn the basic elements that construct a musical work for better understanding and enjoyment while listening to Classical music at home or in the concert hall. (All levels)